Revolutionizing MovementAt Elements Physical Therapy, our treatment style is personable, serene, and revitalizing. We provide careful, customized assessments targeted towards your specific needs using an evidence-based approach. The team is trained in Cancer Rehabilitation, and we offer treatment to Orthopaedic, Neurological, and Sports Injury clients. Our ‘quality over quantity’ outlook is what helps our clients regain their strength to return to their daily routine as soon as possible.
Taking Control of Your HealthWhether you are looking to get back to your favourite sport, reach a personal goal for your health, recover after a surgery, or simply put the strength back in your step, Elements Physical Therapy will be your partner in taking control of your health.
We're here to help you reach your health and rehabilitation goals during these challenging times!

For the past several weeks, due to the current situation, Elements Physical Therapy has turned to providing patients with treatment services via virtual care.

Although the structure differs slightly from a traditional appointment virtual care has proven to be a very successful tool to continue physiotherapy treatments.

Virtual care is a great tool that allows you to easily connect with your therapist for one-on-one treatments, while letting you choose your own treatment times in a comfortable environment.

If our virtual care services sound like something you or someone you know might be interested in, please call us at (905) 472-6988.