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Every structure needs a secure foundation. We help you re-build yours for improved and superior physical health. Whether it means strengthening your core, improving breathing or correcting your posture, your recovery depends on yourself. With the stability found at Elements Physical Therapy, you will be even more secure in your physical self.

Physical Therapy

Initial Assessment $100
Single Treatment $75
Double Treatment $95
Multiple Area Treatment $135

Shockwave Assessment and Treatment $120
Shockwave Single Treatment $95
Shockwave Double Treatment $110

Massage Treatment

30 minutes $60+HST 45 minutes $80+HST 60 minutes $95+HST 90 minutes $155+HST

Athletic Therapy

Initial Assessment $90+HST Treatment $60+HST

Alter G Treadmill Rental

25 minutes $25+HST

Concussion Program Fees

Baseline Test $120.00

Concussion Assessment $ 120.00

Concussion Treatment $90.00

Clinic Address

Elements Physical Therapy
379 Church St
Suite 102
Markham, ON
L6B 0T1

We Validate Parking

Jennifer Hicke


M: (905) 472-6988

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday
8.30AM - 8.00PM

Fri 8.30AM - 6.00PM

Sat 9.00AM - 1.00PM

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