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What You Need to Know

Information for direct billing
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What You Need to Bring


Your Benefit Card


A Doctor’s Referral
(If referred by a physician)


A valid credit card
to keep on file

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Do We Bill?
We bill your plan during every visit to our office so please ensure to take a copy of your submission upon leaving.

If Your Plan Only Covers a Percentage of your claims:
You are still eligible for direct billing! We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatment online. Please note that the remainder of your balance must be settled up at the end of your visit.

If Your Extended Healthcare Provider is not on the List:
Don’t worry! More health care plans are always being added. Stay tuned for future announcements as more providers become available for direct billing!

If Your Claim is Denied:
If your direct billing claim is denied, we ask that your account balance is paid at the end of your visit. The front desk staff will let you know if your claim was denied before you leave.

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